Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Skate edit in the works...

About a week ago I brought my camera to the skatepark for a quick video experiment I had floating in my head. I got to shoot the experiment with a friend of mine that I've shot before, I didn't plan on shooting him at all but he ended up showing up at the right time. While we were shooting the one clip I needed, one clip led to another and we ended up shooting enough clips for a small edit. So now a skateboarding edit in the works now. Here is quick peek.

This clip is actually two takes. One with a 16mm lens and the other with a 50mm lens. I stitched the two clips together by laying the 50mm over the 16mm shot and animating a fake "zoom-in" effect in After Effects. This effect is usually done in movies with two cameras but I don't have two cameras so I did it the cheap way that is probably not the easiest for the other peson performing the tricks but Steven is a champ I was able to get the job done.

Some examples from movies:

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